The partnership launches Greenway Clinical Assist™ aimed at saving time and reducing workload from documentation and administrative work 

Tampa, Fla. (April 9, 2024) – Greenway Health, a leading health information technology services provider, announced its strategic partnership with prominent AI assistant and ambient clinical documentation partner, Nabla, forming its newest solution – Greenway Clinical Assist™.   

The partnership will integrate Nabla’s technology, the leading ambient AI assistant for practitioners in the industry, with Greenway’s Prime Suite and Intergy EHR solutions. On average, providers can expect to save up to two hours per provider, per day helping to address and alleviate provider burnout and allowing for stronger connections between patients and their providers.  

“At Greenway, our commitment to innovation goes beyond just today’s AI buzzwords, we are maniacally focused on thoughtfully harnessing technology as a tool to solve today's most pressing healthcare challenges,” says Pratap Sarker, CEO at Greenway Health. “With the power of generative AI technology, we can lessen the burdens on our clinicians and help streamline their day, improve their relationships with their patients, and, ultimately, create better patient outcomes. Together, we can advance the healthcare technology landscape to create a healthier, more efficient tomorrow.” 

The new Greenway Clinical Assist harnesses the power of AI to transfer speech directly into a provider’s clinical notes. The technology uses a combination of proprietary and industry-leading large language models to transcribe every word of the encounter, and instantly generate a structured clinical note. Clinical note generation is done within 10 seconds, making Greenway Clinical Assist the fastest AI-powered clinical documentation solution on the market. Additionally, Greenway Clinical Assist offers multiple customization options, allowing providers to tailor clinical notes to their individual needs and style. Among other things, practitioners can instruct the AI to adapt the structure, length, narration or content order of the clinical note. 

“Greenway Health and Nabla share the same commitment to end provider burnout. With Nabla powering Greenway Clinical Assist we’ll be bringing speed, accuracy and customization to the tedious task of clinical documentation and helping practitioners focus on what they do best: patient care,” says Alex LeBrun, CEO of Nabla. “We’re thrilled that our AI assistant, which has already helped so many providers win back ‘pajama time,’ will now be in the hands of thousands more thanks to this partnership.” 

Greenway Health is a leading health information technology service provider specializing in electronic health records with its flagship Intergy and Prime Suite products. Greenway and its award-winning solutions have been ranked highly in the Best in KLAS awards by KLAS Research, an independent research organization that assesses healthcare vendor performance through independent feedback from users. Additionally, Greenway Health’s revenue cycle solution, Greenway Revenue Services, was named the 2023 North American Customer Value Leadership Award in Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award.   

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About Greenway Health 

Greenway Health provides electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions that help practices in multiple specialties grow profitably, remain compliant, work more efficiently, and improve patient outcomes. Its team of clinical, financial, and technology experts serves as trusted advisors, committed to enabling successful providers, empowering patients, and building healthier communities. Greenway works with thousands of providers across multiple specialties, translating into millions of lives touched daily by its solutions. For more information on Greenway and its holistic solutions, visit, call 877-537-0063, or follow Greenway on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

About Nabla  

Nabla is the leading ambient AI assistant, reducing practitioner stress and improving patient care.  

Nabla produces AI-generated clinical notes in seconds from any encounter across all specialties, reducing practitioners' stress and improving patient care. Nabla is powered by proprietary LLMs fine-tuned to the medical field. Its capabilities also include AI-enabled medical coding identification and smooth EHR integrations. 

The company's leadership includes: Alex Lebrun (CEO), with over two decades of experience building AI products, and whose companies have been acquired by Nuance (VirtuOz) and Facebook (; Delphine Groll (COO) and Martin Raison (CTO). Ed Lee, MD, MPH, who was previously CIO at The Permanente Federation, recently joined Nabla as Chief Medical Officer. He heads Nabla's Clinical Advisory Board, formed by 20+ seasoned clinical leaders. 

On the technological side, the company's advisors include Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta, and Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and former Apple executive, among others. 

Nabla has raised a total of $49M, its most recent fundraising being a $24M series B led by global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation. For more information, please visit:

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