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CARROLLTON, Georgia, Feb. 17, 2017 — Greenway Health™, a health information technology and services provider dedicated to delivering innovations that keep patients and practices healthier and happier, today announced the launch of Greenway Care Coordination Services™ in partnership with MD Revolution®. This new service efficiently and effectively engages eligible patients between office visits, empowering them to adhere to care plans and enabling care coordination and compliance with provider care plans.

“In this rapidly evolving era of value-based reimbursement, providers are being called upon to assume more responsibility for improving their patients’ health. That requires connecting with patients on a more frequent basis outside of the office to ensure they’re making progress towards their care goals and care is coordinated across different clinical settings. Patient adherence ultimately contributes to preventing expensive acute events such as emergency department visits and hospitalizations. We partnered with MD Revolution to deliver this service to Greenway’s clients based on a demonstrated record of clinical results, notably achieving improved patient outcomes.”
Scott Zimmerman, CEO, Greenway Health

Greenway Care Coordination Services delivers Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to patients on behalf of providers. MD Revolution’s licensed healthcare professionals use an innovative, patent-pending care management platform that analyzes patient behavior, patient engagement methods, and clinical indicators to determine the most effective methods to help patients reach their care goals. All engagement and care activity is fully integrated with Greenway’s electronic health record and practice management solutions to provide a seamless view of the patient, including fully streamlined billing. This service has demonstrated case-controlled and statistically significant improvements in clinical indicators and cost of care. Recent case studies, conducted by PhD-level data scientists, have proven the services’ efficacy through statistically significant reductions in uncontrolled hypertension and glucose levels, leading to reductions in overall healthcare expenditures and hospital admissions. These studies are currently undergoing peer review in conjunction with a leading academic medical center.

Introduced by CMS in 2015, the CCM service compensates providers for delivering non-face-to-face care. Recognizing that this level of care comes with additional staffing, overhead, and technology investments, Medicare and commercial payers reimburse, on average, $42 for 20 minutes of care per month. Implementation of the program and Greenway Care Coordination Services will also lay the foundation for a population health strategy, with new codes and programs being released annually to reimburse providers for managing the health of their patients. Greenway Care Coordination Services help practices ensure patients are taking their medications, following up on lab tests and appointments, checking their blood sugar and adhering to their exercise and nutrition programs. These contact points can keep patients engaged in their health and enable providers to discern and address patient health issues more quickly. Greenway Care Coordination Services can be implemented in 2 to 4 weeks with minimal disruption to practice workflow.

For more information about Greenway Care Coordination Services, contact your Greenway Health representative or call 877-932-6301.

About MD Revolution

Founded in 2011 by practicing physicians, MD Revolution (MDR) is at the forefront of chronic disease management. Its digital care management solution, RevUp, delivers measurable improvements in health by empowering people through highly personalized interactions with certified clinicians. MDR works with physician practices, health systems, and accountable care organizations to deliver highly scalable chronic care management solutions. For more information, visit

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