Tampa, Fla. (November 9, 2022) – Greenway Health, a leading health information technology services provider, announced its partnership with Voyce, a virtual, on-demand language interpretation service, to integrate seamless, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliant communication between patients and staff to improve patient outcomes, maintain compliance, and increase patient satisfaction. 

Through this partnership, Voyce will provide Greenway’s healthcare provider clients convenient access to on-demand, medically trained, language interpreters with no specialized equipment needed; thereby, removing a major obstacle for non-English speaking patients and allowing them to efficiently access healthcare services in the moments that matter most.  

“Quick and convenient access to medical interpreters can save lives. With one in five Americans speaking a language other than English at home, clear and careful communication is critical in healthcare. We are proud to give our clients a language solution they can utilize to empower their patients and build healthier communities.” said David Cohen, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Greenway. “By partnering with Voyce, Greenway clients can ensure diagnosis, prognosis, care instructions, and patient feedback is communicated effectively during each appointment.” 

Voyce offers interpretation services in 240 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Light, unintrusive options from Voyce mean that live interpreters can be requested when and where they are needed most, often in 20 seconds or less. 

“Improving equity in the healthcare space, especially in the digital world, is a goal for Voyce, and together with Greenway, we are excited to offer patients a simple and reliable solution that bridges language and cultural barriers to instantly give patients a voice,” said Andrew Royce, CEO of Voyce. "Voyce enables seamless communication between patient and provider, relieving anxiety and giving the patient the confidence to express what ails them in their own words, with their voice."  

About Greenway Health 

Greenway Health provides electronic health records (EHR), practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions that help practices in multiple specialties grow profitably, remain compliant, work more efficiently, and improve patient outcomes. Its team of clinical, financial, and technology experts serve as trusted advisors, committed to enabling successful providers, empowering patients, and building healthier communities. Greenway works with more than 55,000 providers across multiple specialties, translating into millions of lives touched daily by its solutions. For more information on Greenway and its holistic solutions, visit www.greenwayhealth.com, call 877-537-0063, or follow Greenway on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

About Voyce 

Voyce is a technology driven company deeply committed to helping people in need facing language barriers, enabling them to easily and quickly communicate and get help. Voyce’s professional and qualified language interpreters provide interpretation across a variety of technology and telehealth platforms in 240 languages and dialects, including American Sign Language. Across the U.S. (United States)., Canada, U.K., and globally, Voyce supports thousands of sessions a day, providing language assistance to those in need. Learn more at voyceglobal.com

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