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A site used by millions of patients to find providers

Providers on Zocdoc attract patients they're looking for with photos and verified reviews and listing the insurances and visit reasons they accept.

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Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Check-in Solutions

Zocdoc is the leading way to attract, schedule and register patients that are a fit for your practice. Millions of patients visit our website and app every month to search for a local provider. Zocdoc also connects with your Greenway calendar so every booking you get on Zocdoc can be automatically reflected on Greenway and vice versa.

  • Connects seamlessly with Greenway. Every Zocdoc booking can be automatically reflected on Greenway and vice versa.
  • Attract the patients you're looking for. Filter patients by listing only insurances and visit reasons you accept. 
  • Free intake solution. Receive and verify the pre-appointment information you need from all of your patients.
  • Pay for bookings not promises. Unlike other marketing services, Zocdoc has no upfront or fixed monthly fees.

Customer Testimonials 

"Zocdoc has better ROI than other marketing channels – I was spending 3x more to acquire new patients with search ads and direct marketing."
Dr Troy Kemahli
“I’m getting 4x more patients per week through Zocdoc than what I had expected."
Dr. Clement Sun