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Connect and Collect better with Vaytiv's 9 Unique Payment Methods.

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Vaytiv transforms the patient payment experience by delivering up to 9 ways for patient to pay. Vaytiv brings online payments, text payments, email payments, phone payments, recurring payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, “Pay My Bill” button payments, and kiosk payments to your office - the results being fewer patient phone calls, increased cashflow, and an energized billing department. 
Clinics who choose Vaytiv see on average a 10-15% increase in patient collections. 

Connect Better

Traditional and digital payment methods lead to increased patient engagement and satisfaction. That’s why Vaytiv offers traditional paper and e-statements. You can send statements via direct mail, online, text, or email and stay HIPAA/PCI compliant at the same time. For patients who prefer online, text, or email statements, Vaytiv places a “View Statement” button on our payment portal. Patients can view e-statements, confirm itemized charges are accurate, and pay balance.

Why Vaytiv? 

Vaytiv was built for patients, by patients. 
Did you know the last experience patients have with your clinic is when they receive a bill? Vaytiv approaches innovation, product development, and patient engagement from a patient’s perspective. At every point in the patient’s journey, Vaytiv serves up unique payment opportunities to connect better, collect payment, and increase patient satisfaction. 

Vaytiv’s Mission

Our mission is to help make healthcare more affordable for patients and providers. We welcome all administrators, billing managers, office managers, and support staff to help us. This mission is much bigger than just Vaytiv. Will you join us? 

"Works great with Greenway. My staff love it"
Myles W.
"Vaytiv is the perfect solution to handle patient payment."
Marti S.