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Updox is the leading Healthcare CRM Connectivity Platform that enables practices to communicate more effectively with providers and patients, eliminating fax costs, reducing administrative time, improving patient satisfaction and speeding reimbursement.

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Your staff is spending at least 2 hours on the phone each day calling patients and they aren’t answering, yet 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt. The phone call itself is limited in that there’s no secure way to exchange paperwork, charts, and forms. How can you keep patients engaged and staff productive at a time when people prefer to communicate with their thumbs? Set up a time today to see our Secure Text feature live.

Secure Text by Updox eliminates wasted time calling patients, keeps your patients engaged and your staff productive, lets you easily send and receive patient replies, provides HIPAA-compliant security, and allows you to attach documents, forms, photos and videos to your texts.

“Not only do patients appreciate the reminders but staff do, too. It’s an arduous task to leave voice mail after voice mail. It’s costly for the business and frustrating for staff. With Updox, we’ve been able to repurpose staff to answer live calls and talk to patients in the office. It’s more satisfying for them to focus on patients and not the phone.”
Ethan Bing, practice administrator at Medical Colleagues of Texas

Key Benefits

This integration provides texting services to help you with: 

  • Flexibility – No need to come into the practice or pharmacy to see patients – video chat works from wherever you are
  • Relationship-Building – Easily and cost-efficiently stay connected with patients, peers and other clinicians
  • Care Coordination – Securely continue conversations with patients and partners between visits
  • Time Savings – Quickly consult with a patient via video chat to save time and better manage your already overworked schedule (and staff!)

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