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Updox is the leading Healthcare CRM Connectivity Platform that enables practices to communicate more effectively with providers and patients, eliminating fax costs, reducing administrative time, improving patient satisfaction and speeding reimbursement.

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Outpatient providers, pharmacists and health practitioners have struggled with incorporating telehealth and live patient engagement applications into their workflow and practice. Chat by Updox lets providers “see” healthcare in a new light, while meeting patients where they are—on their smartphones. Chat by Updox is ideal for reaching patients quickly and conveniently by increasing access to care, improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. The entire exchange takes place in a secure, mobile, HIPAA-compliant environment and can then be filed to a patients’ chart or record. What previously might have taken several back-and-forth phone calls and a possible office visit, can be handled in less than 10 minutes—all done within the Updox collaboration platform.

With Updox, connecting with your patients face to face is easy. All virtual care takes place in a safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. With no app to download, it’s the quick, convenient solution for reaching your patients.

Benefits of Electronic Forms:

  • Mobile Friendly: For simple data entry and easy viewing on the go.
  • Safe & Secure: Eliminate the risk of human error from manual entry of sensitive data.
  • Less Waste: Reduce and potentially eliminate all paper entering the organization.
  • Easy Access: Documents are instantly available to anyone in your practice, no matter where they are.
  • Inclusionary: Serve a linguistically diverse patient population via multi-language forms.