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Updox is the leading Healthcare CRM Connectivity Platform that enables practices to communicate more effectively with providers and patients, eliminating fax costs, reducing administrative time, improving patient satisfaction and speeding reimbursement.

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With Electronic Fax by Updox, you will eliminate inefficient, manual faxing processes. There’s no equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain which saves money. Our advanced security and encryption features mean you’re sending HIPAA-compliant messages. You can easily route incoming faxes to specific staff or departments. 

You’ll eliminate the paper trail and improve the day-to-day of your staff. On average, medical practices and pharmacies still use more than 1,200 pieces of paper a month per provider to transfer information, typically by old-fashioned fax or through hardware solutions. These time-intensive solutions are only accessible within the four walls of the business, provide little to no visibility into whether the fax was received, and are cost-prohibitive when you consider the expense of hardware, phone lines, paper, toner, shredding and overhead.

  • Accessibility – Remotely send, receive and edit documents
  • Workflow – Assign tasks and/or send messages to members of your team
  • Editor – Markup, sign or break apart documents electronically
  • Compliance – HIPAA-compliant audit trail maintained for up to seven years
  • Queues – Auto-sort faxes from multiple lines to different teams or locations
  • Tags – Organize and assign ownership/priority to certain documents
“It’s rare to find a product that is well-liked by both front office and nursing staff and staff love using Updox. Between five locations, we have 20 staff members checking patients in and out, in addition to faxing, phones and more. Now, they can access everything from Updox inbox. It helps spread the workload between locations and lets us work much more efficiently.”
Natalie Ingle, CHTS-PW, director of operations at The Woman’s Clinic


Centralized fax administration:

  • Automatic re-sends for busy signals
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Custom cover sheets
  • Easily generate fax history reports
  • Integrate with your EHR/EMR system

HIPAA compliant electronic faxing:

  • Advanced security & encryption
  • Set your own staff access, permissions & security settings
  • Complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Complete audit trail & activity log on every fax for full compliance

Streamlined communication:

  • Remotely send, receive & edit documents
  • Assign tasks & send messages to team members
  • Markup, sign, or break apart documents electronically
  • Organize & assign ownership/ priorities to certain documents