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Updox is the leading Healthcare CRM Connectivity Platform that enables practices to communicate more effectively with providers and patients, eliminating fax costs, reducing administrative time, improving patient satisfaction and speeding reimbursement.

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Secure video chat from Updox is more effective than a phone call and just as easy to use. Communicate with patients and colleagues in a HIPAA-compliant format, share lab results, answer patient questions and follow-up after a visit.  Set up a time today to see our video chat feature live.

Chat by Updox is your telehealth video chat solution that enables stronger patient relationships, extends your practice reach, increases revenue by seeing more patients more often, and lowers your overhead costs. 

Outpatient providers, pharmacists and health practitioners have struggled with incorporating telehealth and live patient engagement applications into their workflow and practice. Chat by Updox lets providers “see” healthcare in a new light, while meeting patients where they are—on their smartphones. Chat by Updox is ideal for reaching patients quickly and conveniently by increasing access to care, improving health outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. The entire exchange takes place in a secure, mobile, HIPAA-compliant environment and can then be filed to a patients’ chart or record. What previously might have taken several back-and-forth phone calls and a possible office visit, can be handled in less than 10 minutes—all done within the Updox collaboration platform.

“It’s rare to find a product that is well-liked by both front office and nursing staff and staff love using Updox. Between five locations, we have 20 staff members checking patients in and out, in addition to faxing, phones and more. Now, they can access everything from Updox inbox. It helps spread the workload between locations and lets us work much more efficiently.”
Natalie Ingle, CHTS-PW, director of operations at The Woman’s Clinic


  • Flexibility – No need to come into the practice or pharmacy to see patients – video chat works from wherever you are.
  • Relationship-building – Easily and cost-efficiently stay connected with patients, peers and other clinicians.
  • Care coordination – Securely continue conversations with patients and partners between visits.
  • Time savings – Quickly consult with a patient via video chat to save time and better manage your already overworked schedule (and staff!)