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eSolutions designs products with healthcare organizations in mind - automated solutions that manage everyday complexities, simplify tasks and put the provider in control. eSolutions services more than 30,000 providers and processes more than 100,000 million claims each year.

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Key Benefits

eSolutions' TITAN offers providers web-based actionable performance insights and comparative analytics based on real-time remittance data from an exclusive database of over 400,000 providers. Using TITAN, providers can improve cash flow and organizational performance by tracking, measuring and managing key financial and operational measures. TITAN even compares an organization's performance against its peers at the state, national and specialty level.

  • Accelerate cash flow and maximize business office productivity
  • Reduce risk by comparing performance and code usage
  • Anticipate audits with custom alerts
  • Compare real-time reimbursement against peers at all levels
"We're able to pinpoint problems using TITAN. We couldn't do that before and ended up writing off many of our claim denials."
Kim Marie E., eSolutions customer