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Surgimate Practice streamlines the surgical scheduling workflow, enabling surgical practices to book surgeries faster and more successfully than ever before. Connect schedulers, surgeons, managers, insurance and billing through a single collaborative workflow - resulting in increased bookings, greater revenue and better patient care.

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Track and manage your surgical workflow from one platform.

Surgimate automates every step of the surgical scheduling process, enabling your surgical practice to operate more efficiently and profitably. Connect your team across multiple locations through a single workflow. Whether you are a single surgeon practice, a 100 surgeon practice or something in between, Surgimate is built to handle your scheduling needs. 
Each core feature is built to streamline your scheduling needs and complement your Greenway Health product.


  • Surgical Calendar - Uses a color-coded system to help you manage multiple schedules simultaneously, surgeries are easy to identify and organize.
  • Task Tracker - Electronic checklists help you track clearances and authorizations, follow up with patients undecided about surgery, and select the best candidates to fill empty slots. 
  • Surgical Templates – Quickly load surgical details with customized templates based on physician preferences, including codes, facility, case length, equipment and tests. 
  • Performance Reports - Run performance reports showing the number of surgeries by surgeon, facility, scheduler, body part or CPT code over any given time frame.
  • Surgimate App -  Give your surgeons HIPAA compliant access to see their schedule wherever they are, receive instant updates, and send schedulers post-op confirmations in real-time.
  • Form Generator - Print the forms you need at any time with all fields populated automatically  – including patient data, insurance information, and surgical details.
“Surgimate plays an important role in helping our practice grow.”
Tracey Schmidbauer, Systems Administrator, OrthoNY
“We are extremely happy with Surgimate. It has really changed the way we do everything. We are more efficient and our patient care has improved considerably.”
Wendie Hames, Clinical Operations Manager, The Orthopedic Group

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