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Solution by Core Sound Imaging, Inc.

StudyCast is medical imaging software for practices that allows healthcare professionals the ability to easily review images anywhere in the world.

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Imaging and Document Management

Key Benefits

  • Anywhere access to images, reporting and data
  • Measurements populate in Studycast reports
  • Collaborate with colleagues & share images securely with patients
  • Easy to use - get started today
“I was recently asked by a referring physician to review his patient’s echocardiogram obtained at an outside institution. Ordinarily, when reviewing an outside study, I usually go through on often tedious process of waiting for the study burned on a CD to arrive in mail and then hope that I would have appropriate software to decode and view that particular study. Frequently, outside studies are encoded in proprietary non-DICOM formats and lack built-in viewers. I was pleasantly surprised when this time the referring physician directed me to go to the web-based Core Sound’s Studycast imaging system which I had not used previously. Although we were miles apart, we were able to review the study together on our respective computers. I needed no special software to install, I just went to the Studycast web site and was able to effortlessly review still images and video clips.”
Dr. M. Saric, NYU Medical Center

Every day, ultrasound and other diagnostic tests are performed in clinics, private practices, and hospitals. Facilities struggle with efficient workflows to handle the images and test results. Studycast® from Core Sound Imaging, Inc. automates this workflow; this cloud solution removes local IT struggles, makes images available to physicians for interpretation—even if they are in a different location—and routes the results into PrimeSuite and Intergy, all in minutes. Collaborate with colleagues by sharing imagesPopulates measurement data and provides comprehensive study type reporting. Streamline imaging workflow by providing anywhere access to medical images, data and reports.