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Statement Mailing - Online Bill Pay - Automated Posting

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Key Benefits

  • 100% patient online bill pay option equals faster payments
  • Send Patient Bill via paper statement or email
  • Free Recurring Patient Payments Option
  • Quickly reconcile the day’s credit card payments
  • “On Screen” computer POS credit/debit card terminal
  • Online “Cloud Based” Reporting of all transactions
  • Automatic-posting capability

Innovative Billing Solutions provides multiple methods for patients to pay their bills. Our free online bill pay service is offered if we are printing and mailing your statements. Rid your office of the hassle with your outdated credit card machine and revolutionize the way patients pay you with our “On Screen” terminal. And you get a built in recurring payment option with your account.

Patient Statement/Online Bill Pay
Do you want to end the hassle of taking credit card payments over the phone, or keying in credit card numbers from a mailed in payment stub? Our online bill pay service allows 100% of your patients to pay their bill online. When we mail your patient statement, you get our free online bill pay option. Patients can pay with or without registering. Also, given the choice of paying their bill online or handwriting the credit card number on a payment stub, nearly all patients will choose to pay online. With our online bill pay service, you will now spend your valuable time on more productive tasks.

Superior Reporting System
When you try and reconcile the days credit/debit card payments with your practice software, occasionally the two do not balance. With all the daily tasks and distractions in your office, you need to reduce errors and increase productivity. All patient card payments will have the chart/account number attached to each transaction. No more fumbling through little sheets of paper trying to reconcile the day’s transactions. Quickly and efficiently discover any reconciliation mistakes. Office and online payments are batched and reported in one report that is accessed through a secure web site. Streamline your credit card payment process and free up time for more important tasks.

Recurring Payment Option
Patient’s co-pays and deductibles have recently increased due to industry changes and government regulation.

Patients need options to spread the higher cost over an extended period of time. What if you could enter the credit card transaction one time and automatically charge the patient’s credit card each month? This free service will allow your patients to receive the treatments they need at a monthly cost they can afford. A recurring payment option will allow your practice to collect payments efficiently and increase the number of patients that can afford your services. Are you storing live credit card information in your office? Our system will store the credit cards on a secure web site and will reduce your risk of credit card theft.