Solution by Santovia

Santovia is transforming patient engagement through best in class education, innovative design, shared decision-making tools and real time reporting. Santovia utilizes education, surveys, and EBSCO Health’s Option Grid™.


Works with:



Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Patient Education

Santovia allows providers to easily review and add education, print handouts, and watch videos – all while in the patient record. This solutions allows providers to review and add education material, print handouts, add custom written and video content, and watch videos, all while in the patient record. They can create and select surveys directly delivered to patients and enhance shared decision making with EBSCOs OptionGrid™ Decision Aids.

Key patient-facing features

  • Works on any device. Patients can use their preferred platform, including smartphone, tablets, and desktops.
  • Video and written patient education including Bright Futures from the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Patient experience surveys, customized, anytime, anywhere
  • Complete patient reported outcomes questionnaires
  • Easy-to-follow physical therapy videos to support rehabilitation and recovery


  • Delivers patient specific education mapped to assessment. All content is offered in English and Spanish. Add your own custom content both video and written.
  • Easy to follow physical therapy videos to support rehabilitation and recovery
  • Surveys, PRO, shared decision making, patient experience all customizable
  • Reporting suite and administrative tools showing results in real-time. All patient interactions are time and date stamped.