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Patient Self-Scheduling & Waitlist

Solution by Relatient

Relatient is an industry recognized and award-winning, SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes modern and mobile modalities to improve patient and provider communication.

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Appointment scheduling
Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Workflow Efficiency

Patients book open appointment slots through mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. Relatient understands the need to innovate the patient experience using digital technology and keeping up with the 64% of patients wanting to self-schedule, doubling the use of their phones or devices to get appointments.

Offering your patients self-scheduling and automated waitlist reduces phone calls and relieves staff to focus on other priorities. Automating the scheduling process may seem a little unsettling, but the staff maintains control. With Relatient, you have the option to manually approve or auto-approve requests. Patients will be more loyal knowing they have access to schedule an appointment no matter their location or time of day. Relatient streamlines the scheduling process by working with your EHR/PM to keep your schedule full and patients happy.

key benefits

  • Online/mobile, 24/7 access for patients with no password or login required
  • Patients self-schedule open appointments and select by provider, location, and visit type
  • Ability for staff to auto-approve or manually-approve requested times
  • Integrates with PM and simultaneously updates schedule     
  • Waitlist product automatically contacts patients on your waitlist until appointment fills