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A component of the Breg Impact program, Breg Vision is an easy-to-use, software application for patient workflow management that automates and optimizes your DMEPOS program. Breg Impact combines our clinically trained consultant team with Breg Vision software to deliver a customized DME/bracing program. Over 470 leading healthcare facilities and over 2,400 outsourced inventory locations use Breg Impact, providing proven results through increased profitability and improved practice efficiencies.

What makes the Breg Impact program different?

  • 15+ years of Experience - The Breg Impact team has extensive experience in DMEPOS consulting, dispensing and billing with team members from clinical backgrounds averaging over 10 years of experience in the orthopedic industry.
  • Proven Results - Time savings of 3 minutes per patient [1]. Average revenue generation of $46k per doctor [2] in an in-house DMEPOS model. 100% success rate with Medicare application, site visit and revalidation.[3]
  • 25 Dedicated Team Members - Breg has dedicated, local support. We build a true partnership to help you grow your practice and improve your patients’ experiences.
  • 22 Patient Service Centers - Breg has 22 facilities located in select markets throughout the country. These locations enable Breg to be responsive to local payer nuances, coordinate patient care and offer a wide variety of patient orthotic and billing support.