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Contract Management

Identify when payments fall short of the contractual obligations of your payers

Ensure that you are paid in full for the services you provide. Insurance companies have contractually agreed to payment rates and terms per their contracts. Whether it is staffing, cost or contractual complexities hindering your processes, we assist with effective tools that, until now, most felt were too expensive to consider as solutions.

Works with:

Prime Suite


Billing Optimization
Workflow Efficiency

Our Contract Management solution gives you the ability to quickly identify underpayments and provide a targeted work list to easily act and collect on the correct reimbursement for the services provided. By doing the setup work for you, we ensure you will have a solution that brings early value—with no upfront associated costs. The intuitive user experience gives you the freedom to upload your fee schedules and accurately define and even model your contracts by configuring rules, exceptions, and carveouts. By modeling your contracts and indexing against Medicare, you can better prepare yourself for renegotiation opportunities.

Solution features

See how your payers are performing against all contractual obligations, including time to pay 

  • Provides daily view of underpayments 
  • Get accurate data to assist in financial reporting regarding the valuation of your accounts receivable based on payer yield calculations
  • Manage your contract renewal dates and rebilling timing 
  • Rapid install without disruption to your organization

Contract Management Informational PDF

"In one month of identifying and recouping underpayments, the product paid for itself. SlicedHealth checked all the boxes."
Adam Willmann, President & CEO Goodall-Witcher Healthcare
“We had one claim that was denied, and recovery was enough to pay for the SlicedHealth product for two years. In a small rural hospital, you don’t have a large team – we can’t hire additional staff for this work. If it weren’t for SlicedHealth, we could not do this work. SlicedHealth absolutely fills the gap for rural providers.”
Frank Beaman, CEO Faith Community Health System