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Claim Estimation

SlicedHealth Claim Estimation software automates claim process, ensures accuracy, and boosts collections.

Claim Estimation software ensures transparent healthcare costs and optimizes revenue through automation and data-driven insights, enhancing financial predictability

Works with:

Prime Suite


Billing Optimization
Workflow Efficiency

Our Claim Estimation solution increases upfront collections – one of the most important contributors to protecting revenue from leakage. Statistics prove that once a patient leaves the facility, the likelihood of collecting money owed decreases exponentially. The ability to provide accurate estimates using real-time data is critically important for you to minimize compliance risks and nonpayment or underpayment. Valuable insights help you optimize your financial strategies and identify areas for improvement.

solution features

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing EHRs, billing software & other relevant applications
  • Provides insight into revenue patterns, payer behavior & optimization opportunities 
  • Includes SlicedHealth white glove concept to completion service model
  • Follows biling guidelines & CMS regulations
  • Install in weeks, not months 

Claim Estimation Informational PDF

"The greatest impediment to upfront collections is patients not knowing what they owe"