First-pass acceptance rate for RCM customers using Greenway Clearinghouse Services.


The average decrease in days in A/R for Greenway Revenue Services customers.

Survey: Providers and practice administrators

  • Only 59% of secondary claims are filed.
  • 79% of providers deal with 10 or more payers, making it difficult to follow up with claims.
  • Only 32% of patients who owe money receive a collection letter. Most patients likely won’t send payment without prompting.
  • 12% of practices never update payer fee schedules, potentially leaving money on the table.
  • Only 55% of practices use analytics to identify patients due or overdue for recommended services. Linking clinical processes with financial processes can drive big improvements in a practice’s financial performance.

If you fall into any of these buckets, we can help you improve collections, cash flow, and profitability.

Boost your performance

With Greenway Revenue Services and Greenway Clearinghouse Services, we’ll help you collect every dollar you earn.

Billing process expertise

We optimize your practice's billing processes and healthcare technology to efficiently and effectively improve your revenue opportunities.

Scalable knowledge platform

We apply solutions from one practice to the next to streamline processes and help you discover the methods that work best for you.

Long-term financial focus

Through in-depth analysis, we identify trends and tackle the root cause to guide your practice toward attaining its financial goals.

Regulatory transition guidance

Our expertise in fee-for-service billing allows your practice to transition to value-based care to receive incentives and improve your bottom line. 

We have a solution for every challenge

Technology and services that seamlessly span the front office, clinic, and billing office that help you deliver exceptional care and meet business goals.

Get your revenue cycle under control — with Greenway Revenue Services!