The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – The 3 Most Common Reviews for Providers

Until just the past few years, when patients needed medical care, they did not do a lot of shopping around. Instead, they used a limited number of references (friends, family, coworkers, other medical providers) and, in general, chose a competent provider who was at least relatively convenient to them.

Today, though, with ever-increasing deductibles and premiums, patients are getting a lot choosier about their providers. They’re becoming much more savvy consumers, and they’re treating practices as businesses. As a result, patients are now much more likely to look for online reviews before deciding on a provider. And, while you some of the things that stick out in patients’ minds (misdiagnoses, medical misconduct, etc.) are fairly predictable, you might be surprised at some of the most common reviews that patients leave for their providers.

“The Staff Was Unhelpful/Didn’t Treat Me as an Individual”

13% of bad reviews mentioned that the practice’s staff was unhelpful or dismissive. Your patients may come to you to get medical treatment, but they also expect to be treated as individuals. They want personal care, and, at the rates that they are now paying for healthcare, they expect to get it.

“My Doctor Spent Extra Time with Me”

Roughly a third of good reviews included details about a provider spending extra time with the patient. When patients feel that they are not rushed and that the provider is spending the proper time necessary to help them, they’ll be more likely to leave good reviews and to recommend your practice to friends, family, and others.

“I Had to Wait Too Long to Get an Appointment/Receive Care”

Of course, you can’t spend extra time with every patient and hope to run an efficient practice with short wait times. Patients commonly complain about being unable to get appointments quickly, and, when they can finally get an appointment, having to sit for long periods of time in the waiting room before they’re seen.

You might think that you’ll never be able to avoid this kind of review, especially if you spend extra time with your patients as needed. However, with the help of a few healthcare IT solutions, you might be surprised at just how much more time you can spend with your patients without increasing wait times or causing your customer service to suffer in any way.

The right practice management software could increase your front office efficiency while an electronic health record (EHR) system can streamline diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and more. A patient portal can make it easy for patients to schedule appointments and communicate with you in between visits. And those are just a few of the ways that technology can provide solutions to common issues with your practice.

If you’re interested in improving your customer service so that you can stand out to more healthcare consumers, contact us at Greenway Health today.