Clearinghouse Services

The Greenway Clearinghouse delivers closed-loop financial intelligence so healthcare providers can speed reimbursements through accurate and speeded claim submission.

As an integrated set of features supported by the natural workflow of our PrimeSUITE practice management and electronic health record solution, the Greenway Clearinghouse services help reduce accounts-receivable cycles, maximize revenues and increase operating efficiencies. Providers gain a level of flexibility and visibility critical in today’s world of evolving care-delivery and payment models.


Key benefits/outcomes

  • Elimination of rejected claims
  • Predictable cash flow
  • Reduced time and resources required to turn claims into cash
  • Increased sync percentage and reduced rejections
  • Industry-leading 98% first-pass accuracy rate
  • Reduced denials and quickly resolved claim rejections
  • Detailed insights into relevant business trends

Key features

  • Real-time eligibility verification
  • Simple, fast claims management, featuring the only enterprise-class claims engine in the healthcare market fit for accountable care organizations and other complex settings
  • Electronic remittance advice and reconciliation
  • Enterprise analytics and reporting



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