Greenway Revenue Services: Assess your financial health

The impact on your practice and partnering for success

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based care is underway, and it pays — in more ways than one — to partner with an expert.

How much and how quickly you get paid is vital to your practice’s success. With ongoing payment reform and industry changes, managing your revenue is becoming more challenging than ever.

Greenway Revenue Services gives you the power to effectively collect what you’re owed. In an era when nearly 20% of claims are denied or underpaid, all areas of your practice must work together to optimize the revenue cycle.

Greenway Health hosted a webinar specifically designed to discuss the impact of these changes on your practice. It covered:

  • Key metrics you should be reviewing on a monthly basis.
  • How to monitor your payer’s behavior.
  • What a partnership with Greenway Revenue Services looks like.

Watch this webinar as we discuss the impact our billing experts can have on your practice

Through services such as Greenway Revenue Services, Greenway Health provides a complete ambulatory solution designed to help practices focus on their mission of providing quality care. For more information, click here to schedule a conversation with a Greenway representative.

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