Medical Billing Priorities

INFOGRAPHIC: 7 questions you should be asking your billing staff or health IT vendor

Payers, payers everywhere, but revenue still shrinks

Profitability isn’t a guarantee in this healthcare climate. In fact, payer reimbursements have plummeted 2-3%, and provider costs exceed reimbursements by 25%. So how are you supposed to make money?

If in-house billing or your current revenue cycle management (RCM) vendor isn’t maximizing your reimbursements despite difficult industry changes, it may be time to consider a new RCM partner — one that eliminates the burden of administrative work and lets you get back to caring for patients.

To help your practice become the picture of profitability, download the infographic, “The 7 questions you should be asking about your health IT vendor.” Identifying your ideal RCM partner will help reduce days in A/R, maximize payer reimbursements and increase patient satisfaction.

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