Infographic: MIPS in 2017 and beyond

MIPS scoring: A visual breakdown of the next two years

Is your practice ready for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)? Find out for sure.

The onboarding track for MACRA, MIPS is designed to help practices move toward value-based payment models. As such, it has four scoring categories that practices must meet to avoid federal financial penalties and potentially gain incentives:

  • Quality
  • Advancing Care Information (ACI)
  • Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA)
  • Cost and Resource Use

So, how does CMS calculate your MIPS score, and how can you tell if you’re doing what you need to do? We’ve put together a helpful infographic detailing the four MIPS scoring categories, how they are weighted this year, and what you can expect in the next two years as CMS brings the program up to speed. Click below to see how you can get the best MIPS score in 2017 and beyond.