Your 6 Steps To MIPS Success

Greenway Health is your trusted partner as you begin the MIPS incentive reporting process. We’ve created the 6 Steps to MIPS Success so you can feel confident as you get organized and prepare to submit your data.

Number 1Register for the Quality Payment Program portal

The CMS web portal for MIPS reporting is now live. Where you report under MIPS could differ from other programs. Register at qpp.cms.gov/login to report, and begin familiarizing yourself with the portal so you’re ready for the reporting deadline.

number 2Report for Medicaid Meaningful Use

The reporting deadline may be as early as February 28, subject to your state’s Medicaid Meaningful Use requirements. Your providers who have entered the program need to report so your practice can capture its incentives. You will report through your state’s Medicaid portal.

Number 3Validate your data

The MIPS reporting deadline is March 31, and now is a good time to make sure you’ve validated your data. Check your dashboards and validate your numbers, then produce sample quality reporting files (QRDAs) to ensure they’re accurate … otherwise your MIPS score could be negatively affected.

number 4Report for MIPS

The MIPS reporting deadline is March 31. Make sure you submit your MIPS data at the new CMS portal (qpp.cms.gov/login) so you can avoid a penalty and potentially earn an incentive of up to 4% of your Medicare revenue.

number 5Define your 2018 goals

Define your practice’s 2018 financial and clinical goals with your physicians. Do you want to avoid a penalty, earn a modest incentive, or earn a significant incentive? Depending on your goals, your strategy will vary.

number 6Define your MIPS strategy

You could focus on quality, technology, or clinical processes. It all depends on your goals, so set the path your clinicians need to take — and begin educating them today.

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