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ePatientFinder helps practices produce revenue without Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance by conducting Pre-trial Evaluations. ePatientFinder completely automates this process with its no-cost, web-based platform. The platform educates physicians on trials that are being offered in the community that address chronic disease. It is integrated with the PrimeSUITE EHR so that once a physician opts-in to referring their patients to a particular trial, a query is run to identify ideal patients. ePatientFinder will then conduct outreach to the patients to further screen and help schedule them to come in for the pre-trial evaluation with the physician.

Physicians are compensated directly from ePatientFinder, fair market value for the time they spend with the patient conducting the evaluation. Physicians are compensated regardless of whether the patient is referred to the trial or not. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, there are no denials and no impending reimbursement cuts. Pre-trial consultations may also be conducted by mid-levels.