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OTech Group is dedicated to improving the check-in experience through innovative self-service technology. Countless industries in today's world are THRIVING due to advancements in self-service. The time is NOW for healthcare practices across the country to streamline their workflow and adopt this technology. Due to a bi-directional integration with Prime Suite and Intergy, OTech has the ability to offer customizable solutions to mimic your workflow. Practices accelerate cash flow and improve efficiency, while boosting patient satisfaction.

At a glance:

  • We provide a streamlined workflow via customized self-service solutions with uArrive
  • We take your entire practice paperless with uSign
  • Patients can check-in BEFORE their appointment with uStart

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Billing Optimization
Check-in Solutions
Workflow Efficiency
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Key Benefits

  • API Certified
  • Certified bi-directional integration with Prime Suite and Intergy
  • Patient self-service kiosk and tablet registration
  • Private and secure check-in option
  • Digital intake and custom forms
  • Consents, questionnaires, surveys, and screening tools
  • Payment collection
  • Real-time insurance verification
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multiple languages available
  • Dedicated implementation staff
  • Unlimited OTech Support

OTech was featured on Greenway’sPutting Possibility into Practice’ Podcast



    • Direct API integration = NO interface costs
    • Direct API integration = customizable software
    • No ads/3rd party marketing!
    • No Dashboard – directly updates EPM and/or EHR in real-time
    • Integration with Paya, TSYS or InstaMed for payments
    • Real-time insurance verification
    • GW integrated partner for over 10 years
    • Collect MU/UDS data
    • Multiple Hardware Options – Kiosks AND Tablets
    • Update EHR templates in real-time – discreet data flow
    • PRAPARE Form/Staying Healthy Assessment/MDHAQ/SURVEYS
    • Comparison Worksheet

    What OTech customers are saying:

    “The wizards at OTech are able to do basically anything – this has been absolutely amazing. Your kiosks have absolutely revolutionized our practice, and I think you could turn into the Google of appointment check-ins."
    CMIO, Jersey Urology Group

    What patients are saying:

    “I love the kiosk! The check-in is quick and simple! It is efficient and user friendly. I love the privacy of using the kiosk as well. I no longer have to answer uncomfortable questions with a line of people behind me.”
    “Before the kiosk, there were times I waited longer than 25 minutes to check in! The registration staff seems more dedicated and they have more time for patients who have questions and deserve personal attention.”
    “It only takes me 60.7 seconds to check-in on the kiosk at my doctor’s office. It’s MUCH longer than that with a registration clerk!”

    For additional resources on OTech, please check out this guide or their case study library.