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Opargo, the first revenue optimization solution that leverages historical data and reimbursement rates to manage service scheduling for healthcare practices. Opargo maximizes busy healthcare providers’ time, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

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Healthcare providers have previously used guesswork, hit and miss, and “look and book” approaches to schedule patients.  This has resulted in operational inefficiency, staff and resource misuse, walk-aways, and unrealized revenue. Opargo applies the same innovative technology that revolutionized the daily operations of the airline industry along with big data and predictive analytics to better prioritize, maximize, and optimize individual practices, health systems, and surgery centers.
Opargo’s optimization engine partners with Greenway and puts healthcare professionals in control of the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of their individual practices and surgery centers. By identifying appointment types, times, and tendencies, and then booking them based on patient medical necessity, organizational priorities, providers can ensure that they’re not just busy, they’re “the right kind of busy.” Bookings made in Opargo are automatically passed into Greenway to ensure all down-line processes remain in-tact.
When applied, Opargo users experience optimal scheduling of patients who need care the most, reduced down-time, fewer cancellations and mis-scheduled patients, better staff utilization, and increased profit and value from reduced number of patients going to another practice. Most importantly, it means increased quantity and quality of patient care.
Opargo for best practice.

Key Features

  • Optimize your practice at the time of appointment scheduling
  • Prioritize visits based on organizational preferences (provider availability, reimbursement, location, visit acuity …)
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to get medically urgent patients to the appropriate provider.     Creating overall higher quality of care.
  • Enhance revenue (practices have experienced a 20% increase) 
  • Optimization Readiness uses 12-24 months of a practices data to understand key operational and clinical metrics—as well as the potential improvements of using Opargo—prior to a technology implementation