InstaMed Payment Plans

Solution by InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan Company

The InstaMed Payment Plans solution enables you to automate collections and customize flexible patient payment options like installment, recurring or save on file payment plans. Reduce processing costs and improve efficiency with automated posting and reconciliation. Deliver payment notification receipts to staff and patients via email and text.

Works with:

Prime Suite


Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Billing Optimization
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Key Benefits

  • Get Paid More
  • Customize patient payment plans and collect more
  • Cut Costs - Ensure payments are processed on time with less staff intervention
  • Reduce Bad Debt - Collect every payment in a timely manner with automated, scheduled payments
  • Protect Payment Data - Payment card data tokenization ensures information remains secure and compliant

Learn more about the value InstaMed can bring to your organziation by clicking on the overview below.

The InstaMed Collection Best Practices Guide: How to Guarantee Patient Payments