Solution by Midway Data Systems

Midway Data Systems custom software makes all of your clinical documents, even legacy chart information, available wherever you need it. 

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Care Coordination
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Key Benefits 

  • API Certified
  • Automatically pushes demographic data and signed PDFs into PrimeSUITE
  • Automatically prepopulates demographic data into forms
  • Enables patients to complete forms anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Allows form completion and e-signature in-person or at home or work
  • Easy custom form creation – import Word or PDF files
  • Supports parent/guardian signing
  • Tracks form-completion process
  • Full clinic customization
  • Record retrieval controlled by a PrimeSUITE patient flag
  • Real-time access to all PrimeSUITE chart documents
  • Location-specific customized retrieval
  • Simple patient lookup with patient name or DOB and doctor
  • Highly secure — All access fully logged, limited to predefined IP addresses for a user location, with complex passwords required

DocView provides quick and simple web access to Greenway PrimeSUITE® clinical documents from any location. DocView was designed and built for a women’s health OB/GYN practice that uses PrimeSUITE. DocView provides labor-and-delivery departments real-time access to prenatal documents with the most current information.

Behind the scenes, DocView provides seamless integration with Greenway® EHR implementations at multiple practices. To access patient data with DocView, all hospital personnel need to know is the identity of the patient and the name of the patient’s doctor. DocView creates a single PDF with a table of contents, page numbers, date printed and requestor. It also knows to print key documents first, such as prenatal and lab flowsheets.