Business Analytics

Solution by Bravepoint Inc.

BravePoint, one of the first IT companies to recognize demand for skilled technical consultants, has developed applications and provided training and consulting for companies that have benefited from how technology can be used to drive their profits.

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Integrates with:

Medical Manager
Prime Suite


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Key Benefits

  • Works with OpenEdge and non-OpenEdge databases
  • Web based portal for easy access and beautiful interface
  • Includes BI Blueprint where Key Performance Indexes are defined and mapped
  • Clear concise presentation
  • Very fast with little or no impact on production Intergy
  • Training to add additional business defined KPI's

Too often, Business Intelligence (BI) software vendors merely offer the platform, with minimal consulting, depriving you the value from your software investment. Some offer slightly more consulting but only create a few specialized reports and then leave the rest to you.

BravePoint BI consultants have a wealth of experience in crafting BI Solutions for companies of all sizes. Every engagement follows our proven methodology, the BI Blueprint.

At the conclusion of a BravePoint BI engagement, your data will be organized and unified, and you’ll have the accurate, consolidated information you need to make better business decisions.

Our value added approach and partnership with your organization is why companies recognize BravePoint as the leader in business intelligence solution delivery.

Our consultants meet with your organization’s stakeholders and work with you to define the KPIs relevant to you and your industry. We keep our eyes and ears open, looking to uncover additional opportunities that may have been overlooked in the past.

All of our blueprints not only include your defined ‘must-haves’, but also your ‘nice-to-haves’. Even if additional requirements are not immediately implemented, they are documented for future consideration. BravePoint establishes the BI Blueprint for your company.