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Able Health is the preferred MIPS registry for Greenway users. Going well beyond a traditional Medicare Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), Able Health is a combination of MIPS expert guidance, workflow and process improvement coaching, a comprehensive dashboard, direct submission to CMS, and industry-leading customer support. Able Health customers work smarter, not harder, in MIPS.

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Solve physician and staff MIPS frustrations with an all-in-one solution: MIPS expert guidance, workflow improvement, dashboard, and direct submission to CMS.

Work smarter, not harder, in MIPS. Solve physician and staff MIPS frustrations by leveraging 16 additional benefits Able Health offers beyond EHR functionality. Spend up to 75% less time while performing better–89% of our customers were CMS Exceptional Performers last year–with MIPS expert guidance, process and workflow improvements, an easy-to-use dashboard, and direct submission to CMS. 


  • Strategically select from 259 quality measures to reduce time spent meeting and documenting measures by up to 75%
  • Streamline EHR documentation by using data from any existing workflow and documentation preference (claims, clinical or both)
  • Fully engage physicians and staff with a comprehensive dashboard: provider scorecards, insights, and actionable worklists
"We evaluated more than 40 companies for MIPS reporting. With Able Health the data work has become substantially less. I cannot believe how much attention Able Health has given us. I have zero complaints."
Megan Davis, Data Analyst, Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates
"Without Able Health, we would be spending all our time managing data for reporting, and we wouldn’t be able to work on quality improvement"
Don Brandeburg, Director of IT, Chinese Community Health Care Association