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This New Year, resolve to transform your patient intake process

The New Year has a way of creating new gym goers, healthy eaters and thrifty spenders, but the sobering reality is that New Year’s resolution success rates aren’t as cheerful as the holidays — according to one study, only about 8 percent of those who make resolutions meet their goals. This year, ensure your success […]

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Improving medication adherence through education, communication

Of the more than four billion prescriptions dispensed each year, half are not taken as prescribed. But medication non-adherence isn’t simply a patient compliance concern — it’s an issue of patient safety. In the U.S., lack of patient adherence to medication instructions causes approximately 125,000 deaths, 10 percent of hospitalizations and 23 percent of nursing […]

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Can technology enable rather than disable?

Remember the days when people used to eat dinner at their kitchen tables, then go outside, sit on their front porches and talk to their neighbors? If you were born in the 1950s or later, you probably don’t, because the advent of the television dramatically changed the way people interacted with their families and neighbors. […]

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Point-of-service technology: The tool you need to improve patient collections

Collecting money from patients has never been more difficult than it is now. In the face of regulatory programs and payment reform, many practices are forced to write off as much as 40-50 percent of patient payments as bad debt. The increase in high deductible health plans has caused patient responsibility to more than double […]

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Transitioning from Volume to Value: 3 Keys to Managing the Change

This month’s Marketplace update is brought to you by Jerry Shultz, President, Lightbeam Health. Change is a constant in healthcare — and this year promises to be no exception. The ICD-10 transition is quickly approaching, transparency in pricing is expanding daily and the demand pendulum has swung to consumerism. In addition to these challenges, healthcare […]