The new year’s easiest resolution: Taking steps to avoid eligibility rejections or denials

If you’re still contemplating your New Year’s resolutions, why not focus on the financial fitness of your practice by taking steps to avoid payer denials and eligibility-related clearinghouse rejections.

Manager of Practice Optimization, Greenway Health.

Maggie Dockery, manager of practice optimization, Greenway Health

It might be one of the easiest resolutions to keep this year.

“Eligibility-related rejections are one of the most preventable rejections,” said Maggie Dockery, manager of practice optimization for Greenway Health. “There are a few steps any practice can take to start off the new year right when it comes to improving their revenue cycle.”

By following these 3 simple steps from Greenway Revenue Services, you can start improving processes for your practice today:

  1. Ask each patient to provide his or her 2018 insurance card(s) at check-in.

A new year means new insurance coverage for many people. Greenway Revenue Services suggests you gather updated insurance information from each patient to ensure accurate claims submission.

  1. Double-check accuracy of patient demographic data.

Data input errors can cause payment delays. Be sure to double-check the information is correct.

  1. Verify patient eligibility using automated eligibility functionality in your software.

Greenway’s software can automatically run requests based on your practice’s scheduled patients each day, providing information about covered benefits as well as deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance responsibility.

If the information is incorrect, expired, our outdated — take action!

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