How I’m changing healthcare …

We communicate directly with providers — connecting them to our products and solutions. Greenway changes the way our providers look at healthcare, and through our solutions, we help them get back to the reason they went into the healthcare in the first place: caring for patients.

What is Sales?

We connect providers to our solutions. Sales is divided into several teams that target various aspects of the market. Our teams are located throughout the country to best serve potential providers. 

My advice to potential candidates …

Competition, drive, and teamwork are the main components to a successful career in Sales at Greenway Health. We provide you with the tools necessary to properly sell our solutions to key providers and influencers — all you need is the desire to succeed. 


Your future awaits

Join Greenway Health as we expand to meet the needs of the rapidly growing healthcare IT industry.

Balanced for success

We empower our employees with the financial, physical, mental, and social support they need to succeed. 

Meet and greet

Check out our calendar of upcoming career fairs and community events … we’d love to meet you!

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