How I’m changing healthcare …

Since we work so closely with our clients, we gather valuable feedback that can be used to improve our products and services.

What is Professional Services?

Our mission is to empower users through our software and by providing timely and effective delivery solutions, while laying the foundation for an optimized medical practice, leading to long-term service.

My advice to potential candidates …

Continue learning the products and the workflows of other teams. When you understand the process from Sales to Implementation, you know how to efficiently resolve issues along the way. Also, learning the different areas of Professional Services gives you the opportunity to grow in the future.


Your future awaits

Join Greenway Health as we expand to meet the needs of the rapidly growing healthcare IT industry.

Balanced for success

We empower our employees with the financial, physical, mental, and social support they need to succeed. 

Meet and greet

Check out our calendar of upcoming career fairs and community events … we’d love to meet you!

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