How I’m changing healthcare …

We’re changing healthcare through our relentless pursuit of solutions for clients. When we create innovative resources that make it easier for our sales teams to communicate with healthcare providers — and we provide insights at the right place and time — we help make patient-driven care a reality. Improving health is at the heart of Greenway Health’s work, and we’re dedicated to making that happen.

What is Marketing?

It’s our mission to develop campaigns to position Greenway Health as the trusted partner of choice in health information solutions for both new and existing clients. As marketers, we thrive by collaborating with every department in the company. Beyond these walls, we build relationships with our clients, our partners, and industry and government professionals — enhancing our brand while creating valued lines of communication. By doing that efficiently, we drive sales, growth, and our success as a team and a company. We’re also the guiding force behind Greenway’s social media platforms, which expand the company’s reach and solidify our place as an industry leader.

My advice to potential candidates …

Bring your passion! We love what we do, and we’re constantly inspiring each other to achieve improved results. We are a creative and innovative team that learns from each other every day. We get in early, work our tails off, stay late from time to time, but always have a blast helping Greenway be more successful.


Your future awaits

Join Greenway Health as we expand to meet the needs of the rapidly growing healthcare IT industry.

Balanced for success

We empower our employees with the financial, physical, mental, and social support they need to succeed. 

Meet and greet

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