How I’m changing healthcare …

Our collaboration with other departments allows our products to reach the marketplace and our providers to focus on quality patient care.

What is Finance?

The Finance team implements strategies to ensure the monetary success of Greenway Health. We collaborate with teams on budgeting, purchasing, and the promotion of fiscally sound policies that allow our teams to succeed. We work with Legal and Sales to negotiate contracts and approve sales orders, and to address clients’ issues or concerns related to their Greenway products or payments.

My advice to potential candidates …

Agility and attention to detail are vital to your success in Finance. Our priorities shift throughout the month, and it is important that our focus shifts, as well.


Your future awaits

Join Greenway Health as we expand to meet the needs of the rapidly growing healthcare IT industry.

Balanced for success

We empower our employees with the financial, physical, mental, and social support they need to succeed. 

Meet and greet

Check out our calendar of upcoming career fairs and community events … we’d love to meet you!

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