How I’m changing healthcare …

As developers, we help transform the technical requirements — regulatory, industry-driven, or client-sourced — into actual functions and features in the product. These innovations help drive the efficient, precise, and safe provision of healthcare via clinicians to the real consumers — the patients. To respond to the rapid electronification and personalization of the landscape, we create various interactive channels that allow patients to become active participants in the delivery of their own care.

What is Development?

Development is not just a technical skill, it is also an art. It involves writing high-quality, clean code that is modular, reusable, and easy to maintain. Development requires you to be flexible and agile in adapting to fast-changing technologies, paradigms, and methodologies.

My advice to potential candidates …

Be thorough with the topics that you have studied and have experience in. Be prepared to answer questions with zest and interest. Be eager to research the company and its business domain. Be frank about your expectations from the job opportunity. And be curious to inquire more about the culture and work environment.


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