Greenway Community offers advantages in the changing healthcare market

population health management

Data analytics, population health management provide opportunities for growth

It’s no wonder many healthcare providers are worried about keeping their practices profitable and maintaining their independence.

Costs are rising. Reimbursements are falling. And new government regulations bring with them significant penalties if your practice is not compliant.

Data analytics at your fingertips

Fortunately, there are opportunities in these challenges. Empowered by Greenway Community, savvy providers and practices can improve patient outcomes, increase their bottom lines, and better navigate a changing healthcare landscape.

Top challenges

In fact, the top causes of lost profits include:

  • Transitioning to value-based reimbursement models.
  • Maintaining profitability and other billing challenges.
  • Challenges with existing HIT software.
  • Provider and staff recruitment/turnover.
  • Transitioning to more consumer-oriented models.

When you have access to the right resources, you can reduce your per-patient costs, identify care gaps effectively, perform accurate risk stratification, improve care coordination, and increase your quality measure attainment to receive higher reimbursements each month.

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