Clearinghouse services: An often ignored but important part of delivering healthcare

It doesn’t seem fair that you can accomplish what you set out to do — serve your patients by providing outstanding care — and still get tripped up by billing … perhaps something as simple as a missing payer ID, or an invalid diagnosis code.

But it happens. A lot. And if you aren’t taking steps to protect yourself against claim rejections, it could mean the difference between thriving financially in a value-based care world and struggling.

That’s where a clearinghouse service can help.

Top benefits of a clearinghouse

  • Manage claims and payer data from a single location.
  • Catch and fix claims almost instantaneously to improve clean claims rate.
  • Improve clean claims rate by submitting accurate claims the first time.
  • Submit a batch of claims and/or eligibility verification rather than individual filing.
  • Simplify the claim submission process and speed up processing time.

A clearinghouse uses software to send and receive electronic claim and financial information to insurance carriers securely to safeguard protected health Information. The clearinghouse allows billers and billing managers to consolidate and manage all electronic claims from a single location, such as an online dashboard or portal.

Clearinghouse services help you enjoy greater convenience. In addition to electronic submission of claims to thousands of insurers, you can receive electronic remittance advice reports, verify insurance eligibility, and more. This integrated solution provides your practice with greater control and visibility into the claims lifecycle, which is crucial for practice health.

“The largest category of denials that we see is duplicate claims,” said Beth Ricket, electronic data interchange operations manager at Greenway Health. “If you submit duplicate claims, it may result in delayed payment or having your practice identified as an abusive biller.”

With Greenway Clearinghouse Services, you can better manage the full claim cycle with financial, clinical, and administrative electronic data interchange (EDI) services — technology that’s fully integrated with your practice management system.

Over 98 percent of claims submitted through Greenway Clearinghouse Services are accepted for adjudication.

With Greenway Clearinghouse Services, you get a full support team to resolve all your connectivity and revenue cycle questions, concerns, and challenges … all in a single call or email. So you can better manage financial and transactional data, and get paid what you deserve as quickly as possible.