Greenway PrimeSUITE’s integrated speech-understanding capabilities empower clinicians to utilize advanced technology to speed and simplify clinical documentation and get back to treating patients.

PrimeSPEECH™ provides embedded speech understanding that replaces transcription services and advances beyond simple dictation for improved ROI, time savings and accuracy.

Transforming medical dictation into meaningful content

  • Dictate and place content into existing custom clinical templates with ease
  • Create new, searchable and structured patient documents
  • Section and subsection formatting
  • Import past basic medical history from PrimeSUITE® patient face sheets to dictation templates
  • Instantaneous review of content for self-edit and sign off
  • Embedded medical dictionary, spell check and speech correction controls


Evolving usage streams throughout care plans

  • Place new patient data into previously saved documents
  • Discrete data capture within primary dictation (XML/CCD)
  • Store patient content in a central PrimeSUITE database for fast, flexible updates compared to other medical dictation and transcription software.

Future enhancements featuring E&M document coding; alerts and reminders; macro insertion; data export to face sheets and portability through remote dictation from smart phones via patient charts downloaded through PrimeMOBILE™.