Harnessing the Power of PrimeSUITE for EHR-Enabled Clinical Research

Part of Greenway’s Population Health services, PrimeRESEARCH advances the startup and conduct of clinical studies by empowering practices of all sizes to participate in pre- and post-marketing studies as they go about the day-to-day care of their patients. PrimeRESEARCH enables innovative methods of site selection, patient recruitment, source data capture, and remote trial monitoring.

Our EHR-enabled research has been used in more than 40 clinical studies, including Phase II-IV, Observational, Registry and Safety studies, across a range of therapeutic areas.

Benefits for study sponsors
and contract research organizations (CROs)

  • Targeted investigator site selection — Database queries reduce the need for time-consuming chart searches and unpredictable enrollment by analyzing patient health record data across our network of more than 2,550 physicians and experienced research sites to identify investigators with the appropriate experience and patient population that matches the protocol’s inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Identification of study-eligible patients — Decrease or eliminate expensive recruitment costs for clinical trials through a HIPAA-compliant capability that identifies eligible patients for investigators.
  • Reduce duplicate study data entry — Reduce the burden of study data entry through seamless integration of the electronic data capture system within the site’s PrimeSUITE® electronic health record. PrimeRESEARCH™ is the first and only site network to conduct late phase trials using the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standard — Retrieve Form for Data Capture. RFD enables mapping of trial data from enrolled patients’ PrimeSUITE record directly to a study’s electronic case report form.
  • Remote monitoring and source document verification — Reduce travel costs for on-site monitoring while providing more timely and frequent access to enrolled patients’ data. PrimeRESEARCH is the first and only research network to offer a Remote Monitoring Service with a secure, read-only view of enrolled patients’ records.
  • Growing network of independent research sites — Each independent PrimeRESEARCH site can build upon the rich data in PrimeSUITE from its own patient population, while easily and efficiently leveraging PrimeSUITE data from other participating research sites. The close working relationship Greenway has developed with each of its physician customers — and its customers with each other — has led to consistently high levels of satisfaction and retention in the PrimeRESEARCH program.

Benefits for research sites

  • Sets your practice apart by enabling you to continue practicing high-quality, hands-on medicine while becoming a part of the industry’s most innovative clinical research network.
  • PrimeRESEARCH’s exclusive Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) tracks it all — trial activities, study budgets, and patient stipend payments.
  • PrimeRESEARCH helps analyze the practice’s patient population using the study protocol criteria. Database queries quickly identify patients who meet trial eligibility, reducing the need for labor-intensive chart searches and enabling sites to meet study enrollment goals.
  • Both experienced research sites and sites new to research gain exclusive access to trials that utilize data extraction, data mapping (RFD) and remote monitoring services. This includes late phase observational and “real-world” research studies that study medication use in practice and require less study-specific effort from sites.
  • Access to the PrimeRESEARCH CTMS helps sites track all study activities — patient enrollment status, study budgets, sponsor payments, and patient stipend tracking.
  • Gain access to future innovation as the PrimeRESEARCH team continues to develop new technologies and capabilities that leverage PrimeSUITE to make participation in research easier for sites.