Secure web portal for patients

Enhancing physician-patient relationships and offering self-sevice options in place of an office visit or call.

Empowering healthcare consumers

Patients are increasingly playing a more active role as consumers of healthcare. PrimePATIENT® puts easy, yet powerful, tools into their hands so they can more effectively communicate with their physician’s practice and contribute to their own personal health record to support coordinated care across their providers.

PrimePATIENT delivers a number of convenient and secure online communication capabilities that increase patient engagement and satisfaction while enhancing the practice’s productivity.



Appointment and prescription refill requests

  • Through PrimePATIENT, patients submit appointment requests, including the reason for the visit as well as preferred provider, day and time
  • A secure confirmation is sent back to the patient from the practice task list within the integrated PrimeSUITE EHR
  • Requesting a standard prescription refill is also simple and convenient for both patients and providers alike thanks to PrimePATIENT

Pre-registration and patient interview process

  • Patients complete out registration and health history forms customized to record the patient’s HPI (history of present illness) and longer-term clinical history prior to the office
  • Office staff organize the information in preparation for the patient visit, resulting in decreased wait time, less staff time and money spent on data entry, and increased patient volume

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Lab results review

  • Practices send secure communications to patients with lab results from the PrimeSUITE task list
  • Clinicians can supplement results with interpretations, comments and plans for follow-up

Ask A Doctor/Ask A Nurse

  • Patients communicate clinical questions or problems with current medications
  • Clinicians respond to patient inquiries through secure communication channels

Patient invitations

  • Practices can invite patients to join their patient portal which reduces duplicate portal accounts and identity fraud
  • Patient demographic information can be verified prior to the visit