PrimeMOBILE for iPads

Convenient anywhere, anytime access to comprehensive patient information on Apple iPads.

PrimeMOBILE for iPad

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Stay connected
with PrimeMOBILE

  • View appointment list
  • View recent patient list
  • Search for patients
  • Add new patient
  • View patient facesheet sections (includes item details)
  • Edit patient facesheet sections
  • View patient documents
  • View patient inbound charge
  • Add new inbound charge
  • Edit existing inbound charge

Easy to install and use

PrimeMOBILE can be downloaded from Apple’s App store and used on your iPad or iPhone.

You can receive a free 30-day trial of PrimeMOBILE with your PrimeSUITE production data!

PrimeMOBILE Application Download InstructionsAvailable on the App Store