Convenient access to images as a critical part of the patient record

Integrate and access images with ease

PrimeIMAGE™ makes diagnostic images and reports simple and accessible. PrimeIMAGE combines digital imagery and data capture for easy integration into patient records within Greenway’s PrimeSUITE® integrated electronic health record (EHR/EMR) and practice management (PM) solution.

Key benefits

  • Launch and log into PrimeIMAGE directly from PrimeSUITE
  • Store multiple diagnostic-quality images
  • Connect with a wide range of digital and analog diagnostic devices to import and manage images
  • Integrate, store and access patient demographics, images and reports related to a study
  • Import images into patient charts through the automated Active Document Import (ADI) feature


Report & study integration

  • Images and reports stored in PrimeIMAGE contain references to all Images associated with a given study
  • PrimeIMAGE users can send digital reports with images to referring clinicians
  • Select single or multiple Images/report pages from a study for storage in PrimeSUITE patient records

Workflow integration

  • Images in PrimeIMAGE conform to email and browser standards for printing and email
  • Features include text, drawing, annotation and voice
  • Utilizes database field customization and measurements
  • Run and view PrimeIMAGE through PrimeSUITE on multiple computer form factors
  • Use CineLoop Images/still image capture, slide show and database field customization