2012 PQRS Reporting Update

Greenway has been providing its customers with PQRS reporting methods since 2009. Based on Medicare patient populations and selected reporting criteria, customer practice sites have received between $10,000 and $70,000 through the CMS quality reporting program.


For the 2012 reporting year, Greenway is pursuing two main incentive pathways we aid customers in reporting: Qualified Registry, and CMS’ new DSV method. (Customers can also self-report through their claims process.)

Greenway is no longer offering EHR Direct reporting, having found Registry and the planning for DSV to more closely match the needs of our customers. For example, Registry reporting (for which Greenway has certifications) allows providers to select from more than 200 quality reporting measures, compared to the limitation of approximately 50 for the Direct reporting method.

We have also found Registry a more efficient and simplistic registration and execution process for our customer sites.

In addition, the new DSV method is in the planning stages to become tightly aligned with meaningful use reporting. Stage 2 also makes clear that the quality measure reporting criteria is to become equally aligned with PQRS for Stage 2 and beyond. Together, and given Greenway’s success in helping our customers secure millions in Stage 1 funds, we feel these PQRS reporting methods best serve our customers.

Additional information can be found here.