Greenway PrimeSUITE’s ePrescribing capabilities enable physicians to easily and securely send electronic prescriptions to the patient’s preferred pharmacy after confirming the prescription is on the patient’s formulary list and electronically process the refill request. Patient demographics, allergies and medication history are displayed with each inquiry to provide greater accuracy and efficiency to the prescription-filling process.

An integrated solution

PrimeSUITE® users can submit electronic prescriptions to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, directly from PrimeSUITE from the point of care.

With ePrescribing, providers can also view and import the patient’s medication and prescription history as provided by pharmacy benefit management (PBM). The prescription can also be checked against the patient’s formulary listing.

If a provider needs to access patient medication records remotely, our ePrescribing solution can also be accessed on a supported PDA or via a web browser. When a prescription is generated remotely, the medication is automatically synchronized with the PrimeSUITE medication list.

ePrescribing software and PrimeSUITE

Key features

  • Submit electronic prescriptions directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy via PrimeSUITE or remotely via a web browser or PDA
  • Process renewal requests
  • View formularies based on the patient’s insurance coverage
  • View the patient’s PBM medication history and select medications from the PBM to import into the PrimeSUITE medication list
  • Submit to mail-order pharmacies
  • Access a comprehensive pharmacy listing within PrimeSUITE

Benefits of ePrescribing

  • 1.5 billion people become ill or die each year from avoidable medication errors caused by handwritten prescriptions
  • Costs top $2 billion each year due to these errors