Web Demo

This demo provides an overview of Greenway’s award-winning, fully integrated EHR and practice management solution, PrimeSUITE. Developed and continually enhanced by a team of physicians, other clinicians and administrative staff, PrimeSUITE is a premier EHR built upon four centralized foundations — usability, integration, technology and support.

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Greenway established these four pillars as the strengths of PrimeSUITE from which a provider’s essential EHR needs are met. PrimeSUITE allows easy and personizable use for each clinical provider and supporting administrative/financial staff member to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

This demo highlights PrimeSUITE’s streamlined and seamless design, stemming from a single database, to allow the most efficient data and workflow across all operations.

This demonstration provides a high-level overview of the software solution, and outlines how PrimeSUITE improves efficiency from check-in to check-out, enabling providers to focus on patient care.

Workflow-centric approach speeds adoption

PrimeSUITE is designed to meet the nuanced needs of electronic clinical encounter documentation, enabling physicians to embrace our technology at the point of care — or other points of clinical decision-making — without disrupting their individual routines.

PrimeSUITE allows users to collect information and personalize how it’s presented and shared in a manner specific to the way their organization — and they themselves — practice medicine. This maximizes system acceptance and adoption, data use and the value you and your patients receive from your EHR investment.

The solution’s patented template design and the specialty-specific embedded clinical content facilitate ease of use. There are currently more than 3,200 clinical templates available in the Greenway Clinical Content Library, and templates can be easily shared between PrimeSUITE users as desired.