PrimeRCM – Revenue Cycle Management

Experience a return on innovation.

The revenue cycle has changed

New payment models are creating a new healthcare revenue cycle:

  • Reimbursements are increasingly tied to the quality and clinical appropriateness of the care you provide.
  • You are on the front line of initiatives aimed at improving population health, increasing patient engagement and lowering overall healthcare costs.
  • You face the transition to coding in ICD-10, which will take a financial toll on unprepared practices.


Your clinically driven revenue cycle management solution

Clinically driven PrimeRCM® from Greenway is your solution for managing the new revenue cycle. PrimeRCM takes a holistic approach to managing your revenue cycle because we understand that every element of your practice contributes to your bottom line. Seamlessly integrated with your EHR, PrimeRCM streamlines your clinical, operational and financial processes for optimal financial performance.

RCM = Revenue confidence

We set a high bar for success so that our customers can achieve their financial goals:

  • Shorter accounts receivable cycles
  • Net collection rates greater than 95%
  • Up to a 50% reduction in back office work and related operating costs
  • Faster patient statements for improved collections and greater patient satisfaction


ICD-10 help

Let us help you prepare for ICD-10. Your PrimeRCM team will help ease the transition, while the PrimeSUITE ICD-10 readiness program helps you prepare and save on training costs.


Unparalleled service and transparency

Your PrimeRCM service team works in a co-sourced partnership with you to help ensure your practice’s success. They identify and resolve problems in the earliest stages of the revenue cycle to prevent costly, avoidable errors. And so you have the power to know exactly what is happening with your finances, PrimeRCM includes real-time financial dashboards and weekly communications with your dedicated PrimeRCM team.

Service offerings include:

  • Payment posting
  • Insurance A/R follow-up
  • Patient A/R follow-up
  • In-bound call center for patients

Better patient outcomes

  • Clinical reminders and patient engagement tools help bring patients into the office for important preventative care and chronic disease maintenance
  • Alerts at the point of care show providers recommended next steps for improved preventative healthcare and overall population health
  • Before, during and after the patient visit, patient care information seamlessly flows to the PrimeRCM solution team so that you are paid appropriately for the care you provide


…And we know payer rules

PrimeRCM always includes the latest payer rules so that providers know whether a payer will reimburse a procedure or test. If the payer will not reimburse the procedure or test, PrimeRCM recommends alternatives for which the payer will honor claims. Order with confidence, knowing that you will be paid for each service and your patients will be less likely to face unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.